I GOT KICKED OUT OF SAINSBURYS (JAM3iya) for saying looser! 
First of all i am of age to purchase whatever i want to purchase! i'm 4 years over the age of acceptance! Secondly why wouldn't he take my kuwait license as id when every venue and business acknowledge it as a proper form of identification??? I went home to get my passport and then i saw the same man who was wearing a football jersey claiming he was the manager and showed him my passport so i then went to the cashier where i saw another poor soul being refused for his spanish id! so i laughed WITH him and said i know they are LOSERS for not accepting it! that was all! the manager (football jersey guy) said im sorry i wont have u disrespecting our staff ur not permitted to purchase these items... loool so i looked at him and said " ARRE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS?" i didn't know Loser was in the curse dictionary!! next he kicked me out ...so i showed them how cursing really is:P 

In addition, an old man at the crossing gave me a dirty look and said in disgust " YOU CUNT" for no apparent reason! looool so im convinced i shall be surrounded with weirdness forever!

PS: Hot girl and friends are now good friends ;)


SpiKeY said...

so what did you want to buy that needed ID in saisburys ?? hmmmmm i wonder :P

don't you just loove the English :D

SpiKeY said...


I like you posts..so post more pwweez :P.....plus...just to be sure am on the right track...your homosexual correct?

n from "Nzn" said...


♀ L's brain ♀ said...



HAHAHAHHA "your homosexual correct" HAHAH :D

Kamithly said...

Hey Z

I miss your posts. How did your exams go? did you ever pass? why you stopped writing?
shiklo you hooked up with the hot Egyptian girl and is busy doing bigger and better things :)